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There’s a long list of things that you should do when you’re starting out a small business. Some might feel like unnecessary, to be honest, especially since they’re rather new ways to get in with the times. For some folks, creating a website for their brand is a good example of such.

Why should you create a website for your small business when everyone’s on social media? Let us count the ways of how having your own site is a better option for your tiny enterprise:

A website helps establish the legitimacy of your business.

There’s something about having a website that helps create an air of legitimacy and credibility. It’s as if taking the extra effort of creating your website makes your business appear more real and trustworthy.

Think about it, as a consumer, if you searched for a product, you’ll be more inclined to choose an option with a good website, right? Their website is a good sign that they’re a real company and that you can trust them.

This is the exact same thing that you’ll want to achieve for your small enterprise. Since your brand isn’t established yet, one of the steps to get your name out there and attract clients and customers would be through ensuring that people know that your business is real. A website would be an excellent way to do this.

A website is pretty much equivalent to having a physical store or an office so you can always be easy to find. It also offers some level of security, offering consumers some peace of mind that they can always locate your business if things go awry.

It’s the best place to showcase your products and services.

As mentioned above, having a website is like having your own brick and mortar store or office online. This is why it’s also the best place to showcase what your business is offering.

In your website, you can have all of your products on one page. This makes it easier for your market to see what you’re offering without overwhelming them. It’s what most folks deem as the ‘proper place’ to discuss your products and services.

While you can also talk about your offerings in your social media, you have to do it in a way that’s not in your followers’ face. Posting about your products too often will definitely make you lose your audience as a lot of folks don’t use these sites to hear sales talk.

With a website, you don’t have to worry about hard selling and advertising your wares annoying people away. Folks will go here if they’re interested to learn about your products so it’s the right place to put your offerings in good light. It’s where you’ll direct your efforts to when promoting your business in other online platforms.

Your website is the center of your marketing efforts.

Some will argue that it’s easier to engage your market using social networking sites because they’re already there. While it’s true, you still need a place to direct people to. You’ll still need to point interested parties somewhere they can learn more about your products or services at a glance.

A website is the most professional place for the job. Your social media accounts will prove to be too unorganized for customers and clients to go through. It will also have limited information since doing anything more might come off as hard selling.

Since your website can contain everything you want the public to know about your services, it’s definitely the best place to redirect traffic from your marketing efforts. It will certainly help you tell visitors what your business is about without affecting your other online promotions.

Your website will help put you on the local map.

Lots of small businesses primarily rely on local transactions to stay afloat. This is particularly true if you have a brick and mortar shop. People coming to your establishment will definitely help your sales.

A website can also help people find out about and locate your business. Since putting your location on your website is a must if you’re operating locally, the information will be indexed in search engines. With the right keywords and SEO tricks, your enterprise will then show up in local searches. This will help locals learn about the existence of your brand with relative ease.

It can help you gain a wider reach.

If you can also cater to the people outside your area, a website will also help you have a wide reach. By having your own website, people all over the world find and see what your small business is about.

While you can also do this through social media, it’s definitely not the same. Keep in mind that some networking sites are only big in certain areas or even countries. This can easily limit your audience and stunt the growth of your small enterprise.

As Google also prioritizes websites than social media pages when it comes to search results, having your own site can also further help establish your online presence. This is crucial as a beginner in the game since you’ll want as many people to know about your venture as quickly as possible.

You can tell your story on your website.

The story of how your small brand was put together can help boost its image and attract a following. While you can definitely create a solid branding through social media posts, things can still get lost along the way. There’s just so much that you can add in every post that it’s impossible to always emphasize what your business is about.

A website, however, will be a great place to put everything in. In here, you’re the one who’s in control of your narrative. This is why it’s an excellent branding tool as you can use a website to fully establish what your business is in the way you want to.

You can also frame the image of your enterprise in the exact way you want to do so on your website. While you can try to do the same thing in social media, you don’t really have the same amount of control there. In your website, only you have the say of what your visitors and potential customers, so you can definitely establish your brand in the exact way you want others to see it.

Your website will help customers reach you 24/7.

If there’s one reason that can convince a lot of small business owners to have a website, it’s the fact that it helps make them available to the general public all the time. Unlike a physical store that is costly and laborious to keep open 24/7, websites are available online nearly all the time.

Depending on the maintenance schedule of your chosen hosting service, there’s a good chance that you don’t even need to worry about your website’s downtime. This means that with a website, potential customers can easily find you no matter what time of day it is. If you also made sure to include ways to contact you through your site, they can also get in touch with you round-the-clock.

Your website will help you offer more ways to provide customer service.

With the control you have in how you can make your website function, you can also design it to provide more ways to care for your clientele. You can add a FAQs page wherein you can answer all of the questions that the public has about your business.

You can add an e-commerce hub if you’re selling products. If you’re offering services, you can also create an appropriate system that can make the transaction simpler and less time consuming for your customers.

Since your customers can also contact you through your website, you can also design it in a way that you can instantly communicate back. Aside from letting visitors leave you a message, you can also add a plug-in where they can chat with a business representative in real time. This way, you can better cater to your clients’ needs.

A website is necessary to have if you want to level the playing field.

Another important reason to have a website is the fact that most of your competitors already have one. So if you want to even the playing field with your more established rivals, it’s necessary for you to also create your own website.

A good website will help you save time.

Setting up a website might be time-consuming but it will pay off in the long run. If your site contains everything the public needs to know about your business, it can definitely help you save time. Instead of spending hours discussing the details of your services to everyone you meet, you can just direct them to your website and they’ll already learn what they need to know.


As you might have already concluded from this list, websites are certainly worthwhile investments for small businesses. It might not be the easiest thing to whip up while you establish your brand but it will definitely pay off. As there are lots of options in creating one, you can even make sure that the process will be as pain-free as possible for you. Give it a try and you can be guaranteed to get good results.