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According to experts, people spend an average of 23.6 hours a week on the internet. They say that about 2 hours a day is spent just on social media and the numbers are continuously rising. Staying connected online is certainly becoming the modern way of life.

Content is one of the things that makes people spend a lot of time online. We are kept entertained by different kinds of content so we keep surfing the web, flittering from one amusing thing to the next.

As a small business owner and operator, you might be wondering why experts are recommending that you create your own content for all the World Wide Web to see. You can here to offer your products and services, not to entertain, so why should you try doing the latter? Find out the answer to this pressing question in this quick guide.

Why Create Content for Your Small Business?

There are tons of reasons why creating content is a must for entrepreneurs nowadays. If you’ve never tried exploring this before, the following reasons might just convince you to give it a shot.

It’s an effective way of catering to the demands of the public.

As an entrepreneur, you should try to address and cater to the demands of the public. Doing so always means good business as they could be willing to pay for your services. With the general populace so absorbed with different kinds of content, it’s a must that you tap into the demand to provide what the audience is looking for.

Content keeps people entertained. So by creating some, you’re helping amuse and please your audience. This can be an effective way into their good graces which can then result in conversions for your business.

They serve as various kinds of advertisements.

The primary reason why you should create content is the fact that they largely function as advertisements. No matter what kind of content it is, if you’re able to insert a line or two about your products and services as well as a backlink or two, you can already promote your brand effectively.

It will help you attract page visitors which can then introduce your brand to new people.
Content marketing is one of the best places to use your SEO skills. You can insert pertinent keywords in these things to help boost your brand’s online visibility. With the right techniques, your content can attract unique page visitors and introduce your brand to new potential customers and clients.

All of these are great for your small business because it will help boost your brand awareness and visibility. Even if you don’t get to convert all of the clicks to sales, the traffic can still be very helpful in promoting your website and brand.

It can keep your audience engaged.

Creating content is also a great technique to hold on to the attention your target market is giving you. By continuously releasing material that your followers and customers like, the longer your business can stay in their minds. This can then increase the odds of them turning to your products or services the next time they need something of the sort.

6 Content Ideas to Try

Now the importance and usefulness of content creation are established, the next thing you might be wondering about is how to make some. There are tons of different kinds of content, so you have quite a good number of options to choose from. Below are a few good ideas that you can make to get started with your content marketing efforts.

Blog posts

Creating a blog for your small business is a great way to share information and updates with your followers and customers. It’s actually what makes a business a brand as brands are supposed to be more open and transparent to their audience. By making blog posts, you’ll be sharing more with your followers which can make them feel like they know your brand better.

Blog posts are also the best places to use your SEO skills. The articles you’ll whip up will help search engines find your website and business with more ease. By using the best keywords, you can further boost brand awareness and relevance.

Video and Photo Posts

Eye-catching graphics and media also help engage audiences and make them pay attention to what you’re saying. In fact, more and more internet users now prefer these content formats as they can be easier to digest and are less intimidating.

The only downside to creating video and photo posts is they can require some skill and technical knowledge. You don’t want to use low-quality photos and videos in promoting your business or creating content for it as it can be a major turn off for customers. They should be professional-looking and attention-grabbing to make sure that people will consume them.

If you really want to use these formats in presenting content, you might want to consider hiring professionals to help you out. This will be an additional expense, however, so make sure to weigh your options well before making a call.

Informational Posts

This is more of a type of content rather than a content format so you can make such posts in whichever form you like. It can be a blog post, a video, or an infographic. Different formats come in varying levels of difficulty in creation and effectiveness so you should weigh your options carefully.

As its name suggests, this type of content should contain a good deal of information. It can be just about anything related to your small business, as long as it can shed some light and provide a good amount of information on your chosen topic. If you can insert backlinks to and promote your products along the way, that would also be great.

Instructional Posts

There are tons of different activities that could be related to your small business and not everyone may have an idea on how to do them. Instructional posts are great types of content that can address such needs.

When making these posts, however, adding graphics would be ideal. Not only will they look better but they can also help make the instructions easier to understand. You can add photos or illustrations to make it more engaging.

Answer FAQs

Another excellent content idea is to create posts that answer frequently asked questions about your small business. Again, you can use just about any other content format to create this type of content.

Your website’s FAQs section is actually the best place to get content ideas from. The items there are guaranteed to pique the interest of your readers and potential customers so you can be sure that the content you’ll make will find an audience. You’ll also be able to address important topics by creating content on one of the most frequently asked questions about your business.

If you’re worried if making content from FAQs would feel redundant for your website and page visitors, don’t fret. The FAQs section of your website isn’t supposed to provide elaborate answers unless you prefer it to do so. However, you can go into detail in your content, so your answers won’t necessarily be repetitive.

Fun Listicles

Entertaining roundups are also excellent content marketing ideas. Depending on the topic you’ve chosen, they can range from mildly interesting to hilarious.

A lot of websites and businesses use this kind of content to help lighten up the mood of their blogs and reach a wider and maybe even a younger audience. They can also be very informational, depending on your topic.

Creating listicles, however, usually requires using other people’s content. Sure you can whip up your own stuff but if you want it to be more relevant to the latest trends, using memes and viral content would be inevitable. To avoid any issues do not forget to ask for permission when using other people’s work and credit them if you’re adding them into your own content. Always remember that respecting other people’s work is essential.

Creating Content for Your Small Business Website

With so many different options to choose from, you might find yourself confused with which type of media to utilize for your marketing efforts. A lot of businesses make content in various formats all the time. You can opt to do the same if you have the means and ability to do so.

The variety will then give you more material to use and post on your various online platforms. You can post them in your blog or social media pages.

If you’re interested in making videos, doing a series is also a great content idea. Not only will it help ensure a good amount of content, but it can also engage your audience better. By making them anticipate your next installments, you might be able to build a loyal following as well.

No matter which kind of content you might be thinking of, however, it’s vital to stay on topic. Do not veer away from the concept of your small business. Doing so will tarnish your credibility and it won’t really help you promote your enterprise.